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David Cameron said in May that "Fairness in Education means that the poorest children go to the best schools, not the worst". It is impossible to see... Read More
Eleanor Palmer Primary School is a genuine community school in the London Borough of Camden. I love being it's headteacher! Everyone is better off... Read More
I went to an all girls London private school in the 1970's. Although I was happy there, I was conscious of a suffocating monoculture that came from a... Read More
My son is in Year 6 of primary school in Tower Hamlets; there's real anxiety amongst the parents at his school about choosing a secondary school. The... Read More
All my children have been to the schools closest to where we live - Gospel Oak Primary School, William Ellis and Parliament Hill. People are often... Read More
As a former pupil of Queens Park Community School in North West London, I am proud to be a product of the diverse benefits of local comprehensive... Read More
Schools in Merton are hugely handicapped by the existence of grammar schools in nearby boroughs who are keen to cherry pick the most academic pupils... Read More
Both our children attend the local state secondary schols in Merton. Our daughter is at Ricards Lodge and our son has just left Rutlish. It is... Read More
Our local authority is the London Borough of Richmond. Richmond has for the past thirty years operated without sixth form provision in their... Read More
I went to a local state primary school (Victoria School, in Berkamsted, Herts) which was, fortunately, very close to where we lived. The fact it was... Read More
I support local schools because I think it is really important for children to learn within their community. Education is of course about academic... Read More
My children are at Therfield - a mixed comprehensive in Leatherhead, Surrey, and prior to that were at West Ashtead Primary - both local state... Read More
Our son goes to school at Anson Primary School, Brent. This is an excellent local school 10 minutes walk from home, and we were very lucky to get him... Read More
A good school is the centre of a community of interest, for parents whose children attend that school may come many diverse backgrounds and... Read More
Please count me as a foot soldier in your fight for our schools. I do not recognise the view that private education is aspirational, preferring my... Read More