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Single parent and carer of my lovely old mum:) I work part time as a Family Community Support worker and advocate for the charity MENCAP Learning Disability and part time five days a week as a Supervisor in a great primary school. I cover teachers at lunch time, making sure our Reception cherubs eat their 'little trees' broccoli and we play hula hoop, skipping, hop scotch, make mud pies, mud soup and whatever else is required on the menu! Wet play, we read all our favourite books or draw pictures and play with lego and I sing 'vintage' nursery rhymes (and they laugh) or if we're very good we can watch cbeebies. We make recycled paper planes and daisy chains and look for ladybirds, snails and caterpillars with huge magnifying glasses in our lovely Forest Garden and look after our flowers and vegetables. Me thinks that's about it!
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