Faith schools

Phasing out private and grammar schools in the UK is essential if the increasingly cross party call for ‘equality of opportunity for all’ is...

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On the 11th February parents of St Josephs Catholic Primary School have discovered through the local newspaper, The Birmingham Mail , that the MAC...

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LSN readers may have been a little puzzled by headlines yesterday, including in the Guardian, proclaiming ‘Soaring state schools...

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Thank you, I am delighted to be here.

This book is a truly collaborative effort, a distillation of the thinking and writing of...

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The launch last week of LSN’s first book The Truth About Our Schools at Goldsmiths, University of London, covered in detail here , provided a...

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How does a famous columnist even have the gall to suggest that ‘as a start in life ( going to a comprehensive) …is right up there with dying at the... Read more

Ofsted is to stop inspecting new schools such as free schools in the second year of their operation. In an announcement today, Ofsted said: ‘ From...

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No sooner had David Cameron finished delivering his landmark speech on extremism which stressed the need for British citizens to better integrate,... Read more
This essay in the Guardian Teacher Network of 8 November raises fundamental issues about the role of faith schools in the education system. It shows... Read more
The Fair Admission Campaign , which wants every state-funded school to be open equally to all children irrespective of faith, has today launched an... Read more
I am strongly against faith organisations having control of state-funded schools, and should like to know where you stand on this issue. Last Friday... Read more
When primary school places were allocated in England last week, around sixty thousand families missed out on their first choice of school. For some... Read more
"You can only love your neighbour if you know your neighbour in person", Rabbi Dr Romain, told Synod at the start of a debate about the dangers of... Read more
This is a heated debate about Free Schools that I had with Rachel Wolf from the New Schools Network -- the quango that helps free school applications... Read more