‘Nightmarish’ situation at Education Fellowship Trust academy, FoI shows

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The head of an academy run by The Education Fellowship Trust (TEFT), now defunct, described its relationship with TEFT, as ‘nightmarish’.

Paul Frazer, then head of Desborough College in Windsor, wrote to Martin Post, Interim Regional Schools Commissioner for the area, on 18 January 2017 saying he would ‘welcome some indication that this nightmarish relationship with TEFT might come to an end at some point in the future’.

He said he had ‘received a letter from Birch Debt Solutions acting on behalf of Npower’.  This letter warned the academy’s gas supply would be cut off in seven days unless the bill was paid.

Desborough College was freed from TEFT when the trust asked to give up its academies following several years of concerns (see ‘background’ here).   Having had its fingers burnt by being part of a multi-academy trust, it is now the stand-alone Desborough College Academy Trust.

The CEO and accounting officer of TEFT, Johnson Kane, was accused on Friday of ‘tricking’ his way into running schools by the Times. 

According to TEFT accounts*, Kane ‘has led the team with remarkable clarity of vision and determination’.   The trustees said they would like to thank school staff, ‘parents and community partners who have expressed appreciation for the work of the Trust over the years.’

I’m not sure the former head of Desborough College would agree.

The head’s comment was in a letter** released as part of a Freedom of Information response obtained by journalist Geraldine Hackett following a two-year battle.


*Year ending 31 January 2019, available from Companies House

**I have seen a copy but cannot provide a link.


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