Controversial Turner Schools hypes ‘non-stop brilliance’

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Turner Free School, one of four schools run by Turner Schools, has ‘exceptional scholars’, an ‘amazing PFTA’, ‘amazing faculty colleagues’ who display ‘unceasing dedication’ and set an ‘incredible example’ which is ‘truly inspirational’ etc, etc…

Does this hype match the rhetoric?  It’s hard to say because TFS only opened in September 2018 and has just 118 pupils in two year groups. 

Turner Schools has a reputation for hyping success to deflect criticism.   The latest blog by Kent Independent Education Advice gives an up-to-date summary:

1        Folkestone Academy, Turner Schools’ all-through academy, has ‘sky high’ absenteeism and a fixed term exclusion rate which works out as one for every seven pupils.

2        Martello Primary has the ‘second highest’ fixed term exclusion rate in Kent primary schools – one exclusion for every four pupils.

3        A system of Saturday detentions at Folkestone Academy appears to contradict Turner Schools’ belief that 'a structured approach to behaviour is a way of reducing exclusions’. The criteria behind the tough approach which initially said parents would need to accompany their children was hastily changed several times after local criticism.

4        A Christmas video from CEO Jo Saxton and ‘Team Turner’ comprises ‘glossy slides with two or three headlines for each school revealing a very thin diet of success’.

Truly inspiration indeed.

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