60 warnings sent to private schools failing to independent school standards so far this year

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 60 fee-paying schools so far this year* have been sent warnings from the Department for Education after inspections found they were failing to meet all independent school standards.

These standards cover education quality, safeguarding, governance and ‘other areas of school operation’.    

Quality of leadership and management was the most cited failure among the seven private schools sent warning letters since Easter (21 April 2019).  All seven didn’t comply with standards under this heading.

Six of the seven failed to reach standards listed under welfare, health and safety of pupils.  Four were criticised for aspects of premises and accommodation.  Three failed under quality of education.  Two failed to comply with regulations governing suitability of staff. And one didn’t meet boarding school standards.

Only one of the schools failed on just one benchmark.  Of the other six, four missed critieria under three headings; one missed benchmarks listed under four  headings and one, Stanborough Secondary School, a small secondary school with 77 pupils run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Watford, didn’t meet criteria listed under six of the required standards.  It failed on aspects of quality of education; welfare, health and safety; suitability of staff; premises and accommodation; quality of leadership and boarding school standards.   

All of the schools have to submit an action plan to the DfE by a specified date.  The DfE may remove the school from the Register of Independent Schools if the action plan is not submitted by the deadline or if the education secretary rejects it.


*This year means 2019 not academic year 2018/19

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