Harris Federation owes DfE £600k, FoI reveals

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Harris Federation, which runs 47 academies in the London area, owes the Department for Education £617,500, a Freedom of Information response* obtained by Andrew Jolley reveals.

The amount owed by Harris appears in a spreadsheet* showing ‘Recovery of Longer Term Advances’ lent to academy trusts by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).  The total amount owed was £37,656,853.  Warwick Mansell discusses them in detail here. 

It’s unclear why ESFA advanced over £600k to Harris.  The loan is repayable in four instalments of £154,375 over four years starting in the financial year 2020/21.  It’s not known when the advance was awarded – the DfE has refused to reveal names of trusts receiving advances when I have requested them (see here).

Harris most recent accounts** show Harris’s CEO, Sir Dan Moynihan, received between £490k and £500k in pay and pension contributions.  In addition, ten employees were paid more than £150k excluding employer pension contributions.

The accounts also show that Harris raised additional funds of £1,200,000 from external sponsors.


*I am unable to link to the spreadsheet which was only released after Andrew appealed to the Information Commissioner following delays, refusals and an internal review lasting over a year.  The delay means the data is already out-of-date.  47 of the 82 trusts listed were expected to make repayments totalling £7.5m in the financial year 2018/19.  At the same time, further advances ae likely to have been made.  Accounts for Academies Enterprise Trust, for example, show it as been lent more money than shown on ESFA’s spreadsheet.  This will be the subject of a future post.

**Year ending 31 August 2018, available from Companies House

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