The Keys Academy Trust set to be new sponsor of mothballed Wokingham free school

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A new-build free school in Wokingham, formerly Floreat Silver Meadow, didn’t open as expected in September 2018.   When the funding agreement with the school’s proposer, Floreat Education Academies Trust (FEAT), was terminated, Wokingham Council set about searching for a new sponsor to run the school when it eventually opens.

Freedom of Information shows The Keys Academy Trust, which runs three Church of England primary schools in Wokingham, is set to be the new sponsor (subject to the funding agreement being signed off).

Wokingham Council has spent £105k to date on pre-opening costs incurred by FEAT.  It has also spent nearly £76k on ‘fluid’ costs: commissioning, handover, site management and expenditure caused by the school not being used.

The council owns the freehold to the site.  Wokingham Council* said, ’The site and buildings will be leased to the Academy Trust for 125 years but with appropriate mechanisms for ensuring community use.’

The school, renamed Shinfield West Primary School, hopes to open in September.  Parents had until January 15th to apply.

A tour of the school is here.



*The invitation to submit proposals for new primary schools for the south west of Wokingham, dated 21 February 2016 (I can’t provide a link).

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