Teachers at Michaela free school still fear being harmed by pupils from other schools

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Teachers at the flagship Michaela Community School, a secondary free school in London much admired by schools minister Nick Gibb, still fear being ‘harmed by pupils from other schools while out in the street’, the most recent accounts* reveal.

It is unacceptable that school staff should fear harassment from pupils of neighbouring schools.  It’s not the first time this particular problem at Michaela has been highlighted.  The question is: if Michaela staff feel intimidated by pupils from other schools, what are neighbouring schools doing to address it?  Have the police been informed?  If so, what steps are they taking to protect not just Michaela staff but members of the public in the same neighbourhood?  

Michaela has again named harassment of school staff on social media by ‘detractors from outside’ as a danger.  

Unacceptable as these behaviours are, it’s difficult to understand how they would be ‘key risks’ to the continued operation of the school especially as Michaela hopes to open a secondary free school in Stevenage with a target opening date of 2023. 



Katharine Birbalsingh is the author of, among other books, ‘To Miss with Love’, reviewed here.  

*Available from Companies House

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