Minister Nick Gibb praises school with annulled SATs

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Test results at former Downhills are higher today, says Gibb

Test results at Harris Academy Philip Lane, formerly Downhills Primary School, rose from 63% in 2011 to 82% today, said schools minister Nick Gibb  in the House on 29 November.  

But  SAT results for Harris Academy Philip Lane were declared void this year  after teachers ‘over-aided’ pupils.  Shortly afterwards, a second Harris primary academy had its results annulled.

The official figures for these schools, therefore, expected to be published in December, are likely to be Nil.  Praising a Harris primary for SAT results, especially the former Downhills, would seem to be unwise.

Gibb goes on. The pedecessor school was inadequate in 2011 but is good today, he said.  That’s true, but Harris built on improvements which were already underway when Harris controversially took over Downhills 

Great Yarmouth Academy a success after just one year, says Gibb

In his efforts to show academy sponsorship success, Gibb cites results at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy (GYCA), the school taken over by Inspiration, the trust founded by schools minister Lord Agnew.   

Gibb’s right: results have improved but any improvement is not solely down to just one year with Inspiration.  The predecessor school, Great Yarmouth High School, which taught the 2018 GCSE cohort for four years, surely shares some of the credit

It’s going to be difficult for Gibb to praise GYCA next year.  Unless, that is, Agnew reminds Gibb that GYCA is no longer the former Great Yarmouth High.  It’s merged with an Inspiration Trust free school, Trafalgar College, under the name GYCA and been rebranded as a free school.  According to Get Information About Schools, GYCA now has only 118 pupils.    Nonsense, of course. 

There are more and more misleading gobbets in Gibb’s self-congratulation in the Commons.  I’ll deal with these later.

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Sat, 01/12/2018 - 11:42

Nick Gibb is a total waste of space as Secretary of State for Education.

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