LSN Christmas Quiz 2018

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Check your knowledge of the goings-on in education in England during 2018


  • Who slated the Department for Education (DfE) about the way it spins Ofsted statistics and then appeared to do an about-turn?
  • Which school was praised by a minister for its results despite having its SAT marks annulled?
  • Which once-praised school has been threatened with having its funding agreement withdrawn?
  • Which sponsored academy was rebranded as a free school?
  • Who applied the EBacc performance measure retrospectively to show ‘improvement’?
  • Who threw a few pennies at schools to buy ‘little extras’?
  • Which linked academy trusts were slated by Panorama for allegedly putting profit before pupils?
  • According to the Economist, pupils at which ‘no-frills’, fee-paying school up North would have the ‘cachet’ of being educated privately?
  • Whose views of eugenics were described as ‘dark and dangerous’ by Robert Halfon, chair of the Education Select Committee?
  • Which disgraced ‘superhead’, having been awarded a one-year temporary headship because an academy trust CEO thought he’d been ‘humbled’, left the post after just three months?


Answers below (don’t cheat).   Four correct answers earn you a standard pass.  Five is a strong pass.

Happy Christmas to all readers.  I’d like to say the pantomime season has arrived, but in the world of English education, it’s pantomime all year round.  Except no one working in education is laughing.









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