120+ warning notices sent to private schools in 2018

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Twenty-one warning notices were sent to independent schools in November by the Department for Education (DfE), new data reveals.   This brings the total warning letters issued to private schools during the year to over 120.

One school, Khalsa College London, Harrow, has been sent two warning notices.  The first was in May; the second in November.

Darul Uloom London, an Islamic boarding school for boys, was sent a warning letter in October after an unfavourable monitoring inspection of an inadequate school in February.   The school is also under investigation by the Charity Commission concerned about ‘potential misconduct and mismanagement at the charity’.     Charity trustee, Abdul Aziz Ghiwala, met with schools minister Lord Agnew sometime in July or September to discuss governance at the school, recently published data reveals.  

Warning letters are issued when inspections, whether by Ofsted or the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), discover that some independent schools standards are not being met.

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