Minister breaks promise to tell me when academy transfer costs are published

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Schools Minister Lord Nash was quite clear.  In a letter to my MP about the costs of transferring academies from one trust to another dated 26 January 2017 he said:

We still do have an intention to publish this information and are currently working on collating the data.  Departmental officials will inform Ms Downs of the date as soon as it is finalised.’

Six months later I had heard nothing so I wrote again to my MP.  He received a letter from Lord Nash dated 1 July 2017 which said:

I can confirm that information on costs associated with academies moving from trust to another has now been collated.  The publication is currently being finalised and will be published in due course.  As soon as a date is confirmed departmental officials will inform Ms Downs via email.’

In August, Schools Week discovered the data was to be published this month.  But I was not informed as Lord Nash had assured me I would be.  

Today, Schools Week publishes details of the costs of academy transfers.  

Again, DfE officials have not told me about publication.  If it wasn’t for Schools Week I would not have known of its existence.

But I had been promised I would be told before publication.   I was not.

I have now found the DfE ‘Ad hoc’ document.    I had to search for it despite being told the DfE would keep me informed.  I will comment on it later.

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Fri, 15/09/2017 - 15:57

What is even more shocking is that state assets created at the taxpayers expense are passed into the control of unnaccountable private bodies whose executives award themselves enormous salaries, expenses, perks and bonuses, for coming up with ever more innovative ways of abusing and humiliating the nation's children. For there also to be a taxpayer funded 'dowry' of hundreds of thousands of pounds per school beggars belief.

For all such schools, parents should be ballotted on returning the school to Local Authority control - if the Local Authority still has the expertise and experienced staff to take them on of course.

What a sad and disgraceful debacle.



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