Education forward: a new movement for change in our schools

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Would you like an education based on enjoyment, creativity, love of learning? Would you like a change from the moves towards rote learning and exam focus of recent years?

Education Forward brings together a whole range of people involved in education.

Launch: Leeds, Saturday October 14th.

Book your place here. All are welcome

Speakers include Lord Jim Knight, Mick Waters, Priya Lakhani, Valerie Hannon, Hywel Roberts, Debra Kidd, David Price, Ross McGill, Madeleine Holt,

As the site says, "join us to develop an optimistic, future-focussed movement for change in the education of all our children. Education Forward is your opportunity to listen, learn, respond and contribute to the movement for positive, optimistic future focussed learning for all."

For a taste of the ideas that are involved, here are the contents of the book (including a short chapter from me on Happy Schools):

Education Forward: The Urgent Case For Change

David Price: Introduction

Guy Claxton: Bringing Schools To Life

Mark Stevenson: The Scrap Heap Challenge

Valerie Hannon: What Is It For?

Making a Difference: Parents, Pedagogy, Knowledge and Intellectualism

Mick Waters: Moving The Curriculum Forward

Hywel Roberts & Debra Kidd: Awakening Adventure/Liberating Imagination

Ross Morrison McGill: The Socially Connected Teacher

Claudia Barwell   No Parent Left Behind

Making It Count: Examinations, Evidence and Outcomes

David Price: Question: Does It Count?

Liz Robinson:  Leaders Owning What Matters

Madeleine HoltMore Than A Score

John Rees: Wellbeing And School Improvement

Making It Happen: Politics, Progress and a Peaceful World

Henry Stewart: Happy Schools = Successful Students

Jim Knight: The Future: Individualised Learning

Neil Roskilly: Working Together Is Success

David Jackson: School Leadership Without Fear

Debra Kidd: Pedagogy, Peace And Power

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