Academy transfer costs ‘will be published in due course’ says schools minister

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A few weeks ago Schools Week reported how the DfE appeared to be trying to bury bad news about the cost of transferring academies from one trust to another.  This revelation followed lengthy campaigning by Schools Week and this site.

I’ve received a letter dated 1 July 2017 from Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System.  It says the information re academy transfer costs has at last been ‘collated’. 

It’s unclear why this has taken so long.  You would expect the Department for Education to have kept records in, say, a spreadsheet which would have avoided the need for collation.   Having to assemble the data suggests it’s been filed haphazardly.

The collected information is ‘currently being finalised’.  It will, I’ve been told, ‘be published in due course’.

Only time will tell how long ‘due course’ will be.


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Fri, 14/07/2017 - 12:44

I understand that the ill-fated Perry Beeches Academy and Free Schools are to be handed over to a number of MATs including ARK. It is believed that these schools have large outstanding debts that will be written off as part of the negotiations. The entire Perry Beeches fiasco is a major national educational scandal and a public enquiry is needed. I carried some research on Perry Beeches School that was published in Forum.

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