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Theresa May's leadership may be irrevocably damaged, but the Tories are still the largest party.  And the Queen has asked May to form the next Government - a minority government shored up by the DUP.

Cuts to school funding must not be allowed to slip down the political agenda.   Education rose to become the third highest key issue during the election campaign after Brexit and the NHS. 

Education must remain a key issue.  Education must be funded adequately.  Education must remain at the heart of political debate.

UPDATE 12 jUNE 2017.  The sentence below has been amended to include the correct link.  Sorry I didn't notice the error before now.

Sign the petition to let the new Government know we won't accept cuts to education funding.










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Mon, 12/06/2017 - 08:31

Unlikely to be cuts to school funding in Ulster.

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