LSN Advent Quiz 2016

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Take a break from Christmas preparations.  Try our LSN Advent quiz about events in the world of education in 2016. 

Questions 1-9 all relate to 2016.  Question 10 tests your knowledge of education history.

1         Which brightly shining academy trust is looking a little tarnished?

2         Which Department for Education survey accepted responses from Scrooge and Marley (despite the latter being deceased)?

3         Who was the principal who said he was just a head and not a businessman when his much-praised academies trust was sent a Financial Notice to Improve?

4         Which one of Michael Gove’s crusaders for social justice was convicted of fraud?

5         Which high profile academy chain was found to owe £6m in unpaid pledges to its pre-2010 sponsored academies?

6         Who wants the number of free schools opened by 2020 to increase from 500 to 750?

7         Who wasn’t happy with a DfE tweet about grammar schools?

8         Who ‘inadvertently’ gave faulty data to MPs in July?

9        Which literary heavyweight would likely fail the Key Stage Two punctuation test for their use of exclamation marks?

10     Who was the first politician to call for an end to grammar schools?



1         Bright Tribe 

2         The short survey on, among other things, grammar schools 

3         Liam Nolan, when he was principal of Perry Beeches  

4         Sajid Raza, 43, who set up the Bradford free school, Kings Science Academy 

5         Harris Federation 

6         Toby Young, new director of the tax-payer funded charity which promotes free schools, the New Schools Network 

7         The UK Statistics Authority 

8         Schools Minister Nick Gibb 

9         William Shakespeare

10     Conservative Education Secretary, Edward Boyle in 1963.  It cost him his career.   

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