Win a free copy of our book, ‘The Truth about Our Schools’

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For one month only, 16 August to 16 September 2016, there are five copies of our book, The Truth about Our Schools: Exposing the Myths Exploring the Evidence, up for grabs.  Just click on ‘Enter Giveaway’ here and you might be one of the luck winners.

Our book examines eight prevalent myths about education in England.  These are:

1         Comprehensive education has failed (very topical as grammar school advocates are becoming noisier);

2         Local Authorities control and hold back schools;

3         Choice, competition and markets are the route to educational success;

4         Choice will improved education in England: the free school model;

5         Academies raise standards;

6         Teachers don’t need qualifications;

7         Private schools have the magic DNA;

8         Progressive education lowers standards.

Each chapter has been researched meticulously and our arguments are backed up by cited evidence.  It’s been described as ‘blisteringly incisive’.  Now is your chance to get a copy for free.


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