LSN Midsummer Quiz 2016

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Try our light-hearted quiz to test your knowledge of the education scene in England.

1   According to former schools minister David Laws, the Department for Education under former education secretary Michael Gove was:

(a)    An efficient, well-run department;

(b)   A maverick department, out of control;

(c)    A subsidiary of News Corp?

 2    Which midland city was described as ‘second division’ by Chief HMI, Sir Michael Wilshaw, despite his inspectors praising the local authority in recent reports and the city having an above-average proportion of good or better secondary schools?

 3   According to David Laws, which of the following were loathed by Michael Gove?  Tick all which apply:

 (a)    Sex educators

(b)   The Home Secretary

(c)    Local authorities

(d)   Careers advisers

(e)   Ofsted chief, Sir Michael Wilshaw

 4   Whose ‘U turn’ was not even a slight bend?

 5   According to David Laws, who described the PM as a ‘lightweight, selfish, clown’?

 6   Who reputedly answered a grammar question incorrectly on Radio 4’s Today programme?

 7   Which head, much-praised by David Cameron and Michael Gove, recently resigned after his flagship academy chain was slapped with a Financial Notice to Improve?

 8   Whose claim that all England’s schools would  have been academies by 2022 in any case turned out to be wrong?

 9   Who is recommending the reintroduction of Key Stage 3 tests despite English pupils being among the most tested in the world already?

 10   Who is in line to replaced Sir Michael Wilshaw as Chief HMI despite never having taught?


 1   (b)   See here

2   Leicester.  Expect mass enforced academization of all Leicester’s schools.

3   (a), (c)  and (d)   See here

4   Education secretary, Nicky Morgan.  Her apparent change of heart not to force good or better schools to become academies was not the much-publicised U turn.  Plans to convert all England’s schools by 2022 remain unchanged.  This will, of course, mean thousands of good or better schools will be forced to convert.  See here and here.

5   Dominic Cummings, adviser to Michael Gove.  Delete a point if you answered Michael Gove or Sarah Vine (aka Mrs Gove).  See David Laws' book, Coalition, page 421.

6   Schools Minister Nick Gibb.  But whether his answer was incorrect is debatable and shows the idiocy of expecting questions about English grammar to have a binary right/wrong answer.

7   Liam Nolan of Perry Beeches Academies Trust.  David Cameron and Michael Gove are also to blame for this debacle.

8   Schools Minister Nick Gibb.

9   Chief HMI Sir Michael Wilshaw in his monthly commentary, June 2016.  He seems unaware there is no evidence that frequent testing raises performance.

10   Amanda Spielman, adviser to ARK schools, chair of Ofqual and one-time director of the New Schools Network, the taxpayer-funded charity which promotes free schools, has been nominated by education secretary Nicky Morgan to replace Sir Michael Wilshaw when he leaves in December.   She has never taught.  Chosen for her independence, obviously.






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Wed, 15/06/2016 - 21:26

Thank you Janet! If only the policy madness was only restricted to midsummer happenings.

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