The white paper is not for discussion

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The comments on the white paper are valid but as Roger Titcombe has said, there is no effective opposition. And we cannot rely on Mumsnet to do it Roger - it needs an unprecedented political campaign.

A few immediate points to set the background. Firstly, readers should revisit the blog by Ruth McGinity on March 2nd.  It flew under the radar.  Drs McGinity and Courtney have grasped the essential point. This is a totalitarian regime, and not just on education. Secondly, the decisions are made behind closed doors. I refer to Melissa's response on 17th.October 2012 noting Gibb was Hirschian but "Gibb has gone" though his ideas have not. Gibb never went away. Laws, his replacement, was merely window dressing.  And now he is back. Thirdly, Gibb understands the basis of the current paradigm. In his speech to ASCL on 27th April, he extolled the Callaghan speech at Ruskin in 1976 as the foundation of the current paradigm.

Yes and no. The paradigm started then, but Callaghan could not see what was coming. On October 15th SOSS with Ruskin is staging a conference on the 40th anniversary, hopefully LSN can attend. But immediately we need to grasp the fundamental point. The White Paper has 40 years of momentum behind it. It will not be stopped by the current methods.

We do need a game changer.

Trevor FIsher.



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Sat, 07/05/2016 - 09:50

Now is the moment of greatest danger as Morgan has made a tactical retreat, but that is all it is. See disidealist post here

We must not let them get away with a tactical retreat . They have been severely weakened, so now is the time to follow up with further attacks. For the first time the 'natural superiority' of Academies has been successfully challenged. Sections of the media are slowly getting the message. We have to ram this message home, but challenging the claims for Academy success on their own definitions of good and successful schools is not enough.

I often feel myself ploughing a lone furrow with my argument that Academisation is a consequence of marketisation and marketisation incentivises bad, behaviourist teaching and the notion that if students can't understand Newton's Laws of Motion then forcing them to wear a blazer and tie will do the trick. OfSTED is part of the conspiracy because OfSTED inspectors are obliged to make judgements on the performance of schools in SATs and GCSEs that have already been devalued by commercial exam boards and agencies that want behaviourist, drill and practise teaching to be shown to be working.

The Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) plot is broad, deep and promoted by hugely powerful forces.

So the attack has to move on from comparing SATs, GCSE results and OfSTED judgements to exposing the horribly ineffective teaching methods that result from the GERM infection.

Arguments like this one must therefore come to the fore and they must not be made only by me.

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