‘Our schools are full of care and joy’. Don’t let forced academisation destroy them.

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This school is your school.  This school is my school,’ belts out the chorus in a song protesting against Government plans to make all schools academies.

In theory, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has pulled back from plans to force all schools to become academies by 2022.  In reality, she expects all schools to do so using such spurious reasons as a ‘tipping point’ when a majority of children in a local authority are educated in academies. 

As academies tend to be large secondary schools and not small primary schools, this could result in all primary schools in an area, even those judged good or outstanding, being forced to become academies.  And being small means most primaries could not be standalone but would have to join multi-academy trusts (MATs).  They would then lose the autonomy they already enjoy – the amount of freedom allowed subsidiary academies is in the gift of academy trustees.

So join in with the teachers’ choir and protect our schools from MAT takeover.  And if you’re in any doubt, then listen to former Education Secretary Michael Gove saying how he would let groups like Serco run schools.




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Tue, 24/05/2016 - 22:59

Hello all :-) Given that the U-Turn is likely to be more of an s-bend to the Gov's goal of Academisation with the spurious statements about the conditions of how you classify a struggling local authority or how you define the point at which it (the point) becomes a tipping point into Academisation its going to be a battle to stop privatisation of the education systems. To make matters worse though we have our good friend OFSTED.

I think any school that is deemed failing / or placed in special measures by OFSTED will automatically be converted to an Academy. We all like talk of the weather so heres an analogy. The dark storm clouds gathering are our good friend current Gov education policy and the umbrella is OFSTED only its a brolly that you might find in some back street battered and broken, torn and ripped. Non functional and useless to anyone. Can someone tell me how OFSTED is policed or who they are answerable to.

Large secondary school in Birmingham (currently Outstanding) gets sent 2 inspectors for their OFSTED inspection - seems a bit low? Maybe they were not expecting any great difficulties so why send in the man power? Ive seen for or five in primary schools. Everything is outstanding and as they are leaving the noticed 2 sixth formers leaving the building without signing out - Its an immediate safe guarding fail. School in special measures. There is an appeal underway. If the appeal fails then the school might be forced into an Academy.

Whats that all about. Who are OFSTED. What standards do the have adhere to? Who monitors their performance? Is it run by thee the brother of brother of the sister of Gove or something.

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Wed, 25/05/2016 - 14:37

<i>Can someone tell me how OFSTED is policed or who they are answerable to.</i>

That would be this -


So huge massive improvement on Ofsted just agreeing with itself about whatever it might have said at some point. Rejoice!

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Wed, 25/05/2016 - 14:38

So now simple HTML doesn't work anymore?!!!

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