Beyond School Reform: Social Reform (with an Easter analogy)

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This Local Schools Network is so on it for exposing and discussing the specific political/media events which enrage us. I love this!

As it's Easter, and because I like to think holidays are a time for thoughtful reflection, I'd like to zoom out as far as possible to see the entire picture of our aspirations.

How can social systems of economy and competition be turned into ones of collaboration and empowerment?

It so happens that yesterday, at a community Easter Egg hunt, our story seemed to unfold before my eyes:

-Huge initial variation in resource spread
-Masses subdued as growth is steady
-Emotion when growth ends
-Hope renewed as individuals collaborate

If you'd like to take a look, this article was posted today in the Huffington:

At the very least you'll see where I think the latest "Character Education" policies fit into the picture.

Happy Easter Holidays!
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