The Inspectors Call

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LSN supporters -or even those who violently disagree with us! - might be interested in a new play on education-related issues which opens in London on April 28th and plays until May 16th.

The Inspectors Call (great title) has been written by Peter Campling, a drama teacher who became a Head but has now returned to an earlier love, play writing, as well as working as a freelance consultant, coach and writer. The play explores the impact of the increasing pressures on schools and the growing corporate culture in education. It is highly topical and written from an insider's perspective. Campling has tried to capture the joys, the pain, the hilarity, the rewards and the deep frustrations of those working in our beleaguered education system.

The play has already generated a great deal of interest both among teachers and outside the profession. And with the General Election coming up, it is highly topical.

Do please take a look at the website and book tickets here if you can.
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