London is in the Falklands, according to New Schools Network, and Manchester in Macao, China

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The New Schools Network, the taxpayer funded charity which promotes free schools, holds frequent roadshows for anyone thinking about opening one. The NSN Roadshow London took place on 30 January. But according to the blurb, the event didn’t take place in the capital but in the Falklands Islands.

Surely some mistake? But NSN provided a link to Google Maps. Bizarrely, this led to the North of England.

It appears, then, the London Roadshow took place somewhere between the South Atlantic and the River Humber.

The location of the upcoming Manchester Roadshow is Macao, China. The helpful link to Google Maps takes us to Missouri. The only possible connection between these three places is that they begin with ‘M’.

The ‘Thinking Ahead: Governance Round Table’, December 2014, ventured into dangerous territory. The blurb said it would be held at a Central London venue. The Google Maps link showed Central London. But the location was given as Iran.

I know the Government is keen to open as many free schools as possible even where there are surplus places. It’s called ‘choice’ and ‘competition’. But ranging as far as the Falklands, China and Iran appears desperate. And surely whoever set up the Google Maps links knew the Falklands were down south near Antarctica not up North in England? Or that Manchester isn’t in Missouri?

No wonder some free schools are set up where they’re not needed.

NOTE: This replaces the promised post on what Gove said about education in his Good Right (or was it Right Good?) speech. I can’t promise it will be as funny as this one.
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Sun, 15/03/2015 - 13:03

"I can’t promise it will be as funny as this one."

Surely that depends on whether one views this fiasco as amusing or just downright appalling? :-) :-(

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Mon, 16/03/2015 - 13:49

Guest - sometimes you have to laugh or you would succumb to despair. I notice the relevant pages on NSN have now been changed so the links, alas, don't show the locations which I found. However, I took the precaution of taking screen shots so I've still got the evidence.

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Tue, 17/03/2015 - 23:31

Thank goodness NSN/DFE weren't in charge of the Falkland Islands task force in '82! They'd have had them attacking London ... :-D

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