We labour under a system that is designed to fail too many children in this country.

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The English education system that I have taught in for over twenty years benefits many but leaves behind far too many young people.

Those children and young people that do not fit the narrow parameters of a secondary education are excluded from it by virtue of a system that is not designed for them.

All children have a right to be educated and their potential released and the education system of a country should take account of this.
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Sat, 07/02/2015 - 14:13

Please define "potential" in the context you use. Unless one is able to define a person's "potential" it is not possible to release same.

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Sun, 08/02/2015 - 10:43

Forgive what will undoubtedly appear a harsh comment, I assure you it isn't meant to be, but the framing of your question goes a long way to underlining the thrust of what Jay is suggesting.

Children, pupils, people all have potential but that potentiality all to often is hidden within the individual and needs to be unlocked, drawn out, recognised and then developed. For example, it is not possible to readily see in a 4-5 year old the potential for them to be a chemist, biologist, accountant, engineer, psychiatrist, international sports person. However, within a balanced, supportive and encouraging education process and experience this latent potential can be stirred, ignited and then developed. But individuals aren't born with labels saying they are potential chemists, engineers etc.

Although perhaps in the future genetic manipulation - designer babies - may be able to create this known potentiality, a la Gattaca

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