Mark Rylance (Cromwell, in Wolf Hall) weighs in... Yes!

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Mark Rylance - Actor

"Everything I hear on the streets, and from teachers and parents and students, is that teachers are not trusted and allowed to teach by this government and are leaving the profession in worrying numbers. Being a child of two teachers, I'm more than aware of the incredible amount of work and creative energy required to be a good teacher. My parents were passionate teachers who for a brief period were allowed to actually teach the love of reading and writing rather than just achieve test results like some factory farm for children. I was lucky enough to be among the student body during this period and I saw the positive results among my fellow students. Eventually my parents were driven out of teaching by the short sighted insistence on constant testing and administration."

I'm a 1988 baby. I've spent my school years wondering why my teachers were so restricted. I'm learning now and beginning to understand.

Politicians are drilling holes in the boat... while our teachers are busy throwing the water overboard. #TrustOurTeachers

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