Free schools are undemocratic and divert funds from existing schools.

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I live in a town under the threat of a Steiner Free school.

Stroud has a surplus of over 600 school places and yet a group of enthusiasts have recently submitted their second application for a free school. Policy has been to open free schools whether or not there is a shortage of places, so it is possible this application will succeed.

There is significant opposition to this planned school on the grounds that it is not needed, will be divisive if approved, and will harm the existing schools in the area.

Steiner education has many flaws:

They use spiritual science on children (they deny this)
The teachers are trained in anthroposophy and how to use it.
Most teachers are unqualified.
The Steiner curriculum includes pseudoscience and homeopathy.
A belief in reincarnation and karma based on spiritual development through the races from black to Aryan is the foundation for this "method".
Incidents of unchecked bullying were reported to the DfE years ago but hidden from the public.
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Thu, 13/11/2014 - 22:21

The British Humanist Association produced a briefing on Steiner schools this year which is relevant.

My favourite para from the report is this one:

"In 2005 the Government commissioned the Woods Report in order to explore the Steiner sector in England. The document was written by ..... Glenys Woods, who has in the past been part of the anthroposophical movement, and whose website describes how ‘Glenys’s spiritual path has led to her participation in numerous spiritual workshops and to her initiation as a Priestess of Shekinah and of Divine Mother Sophia, into the Order of Lord Melchizadek and The Violet Flame, and into the work of the Grandmothers (Net of Light). She is a Reiki Master (Atlantean and Crystal) and has been trained in Angelic Reiki Healing, Crystal Skull healing and other methods. Glenys does absent healing, as well as contact healing, which includes animals.’

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