A workshop to explore the implications of impending changes in examinations (15-19) and the National Curriculum Assessment Framework.

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Posted on behalf of Trevor Fisher who had difficulty logging in.

Wednesday 23rd July 2014, 11-4.15
B4.4 Ellen Wilkinson Building, Manchester University.

A productive conversation about impending reforms to national assessment, their possible implications and what actions (if any) might be worth pursuing.

1. To provide a summary of the contexts, rationale, proposed changes and timetable of assessment reforms to be discussed.
2. Each participant to share his/her perspective on the proposals and work in small groups to identify common themes and consider possible action.
3. To discuss 'what next'?

The rationale for the workshop
The pamphlet “Exam reform: Unresolved issues”* identified concerns and the extent and pace of the reforms to the national assessment and accountability regime. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore the proposed reforms, and their implications from a variety of perspectives, and to decide what action (if any) might be appropriate.

There will be a range of issues to be discussed, and we invite further contributions for the agenda. The issues currently identified as important include

·Is it wise to implement major changes without pre trialling and testing?
·Will there be a risk of underachievement as students will have to do new A Levels and GCSEs in mathematics
and English without having done the National Curriculum and with under-resourced teachers?
·The National Union of Students with OCR have undertaken a major survey suggesting that A level changes could disadvantage non traditional students and damage social mobility - how real are these dangers?**
·What are the implications of the current OFQUAL consultation for the reduction of subject choice?
·How will the National Curriculum Assessment Framework affect schools in England, and are there lessons to be drawn from the Curriculum and Assessment review in Wales?

The workshop is being facilitated by Rebecca Hanson, independent consultant, Sue Pope, mathematics educator and Trevor Fisher, editor of the pamphlet* to facilitate discussion.

Chatham House Rules will apply. Attendance is at the discretion of the organisers.

*available from Viewpoint, PO Box 3599, Stafford ST16 9RD. Please enclose a C5 SAE. ** This is also available from Viewpoint, PO Box 2599, Stafford ST16 9RD
Information about the new National Curriculum Assessment Framework is available here:
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Mon, 07/07/2014 - 21:15

Comments for consideration also welcome here.

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Mon, 21/07/2014 - 16:16

UPDATE on behalf of Trevor Fisher: The workshop on exam and assessment reform on Wednesday 21st July is open to people who can't come on the day, who will be sent documents and can make contributions by email.

Please contact Rebecca Hanson on Rebecca@authenticmaths.com to get added to the contacts list. It is very difficult to see the big picture, so the more people who can contribute the better

Trevor Fisher

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