I support of community schools for all pupils

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I am a long-standing school governor in Camden, and a strong supporter of local authority-run schools with accountable governors. My career was as a teacher in FE and HE sectors. Schools should offer opportunities for all pupils relevant to their talents and needs. I oppose the establishment of more academies and free schools, which leave only private concerns between the school and the DES, which is not equipped to adequately manage such schools in the interests of parents and pupils - and the local community.
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Wed, 11/06/2014 - 22:23


Obviously your posting fits in very much with my own concerns which (I fully confess) have been triggered by my experience of having a Free School (Whitehall Park School) set up five minutes from where I live where it has been demonstrated:

1.The local community do not need it


2.The local community do not want it


3.And the local community will not run it, nor will it be accountable to the local community, in any way


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