I am against the Bucks Selective System.

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As a longstanding Governor, and a parent in Bucks, I know the Bucks 11+ exams actively damages 80% of our children. Large parts of this cohort needing extra resources, as recognised by successive Governments.

This system demotivates children, parents and teachers. Which in turn leads to malpractices at higher levels.

Some long held myths favouring Selection need to be destroyed:

1. This system promotes Social Mobility.
- This has and continues to be proven wrong.

2. There is a good chance of my child getting into Grammar School.
- No there is not. There is at best on 20% chance, minus the private school cohort, minus the kids coming in from out-of-county.

In Bucks there is a continuous low level, committed and knowledgeable opposition to Selection. At regular intervals there have are ground swell eruptions of opposition.

Currently, we have been joined in our continuous low level opposition by an active and vocal nation political party local office. We are very lucky and their commitment is appreciated.

Perhaps with better infrastructure/organisation, more like-minded people contributing, more moral and material support for each other, we believe it may be time for another such ground swell eruption, in these politically sensitive period.

If you are from or near Bucks (say the rest of UK) and you wish to join us when we have formalised a coordinating structure, please email me now at john.bajina@virgin.net
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Sun, 20/07/2014 - 01:48

Many Bucks parents are akin to the BNP and object to non locals going to grammar schools in Buck. They believe it is their right their sproggs go to these school and nobody else. They do not understand schools are funded from national taxation and not local taxation. Selective schools should select the best, irrespective of where a child lives. Bucks parents do not want to compete - too scared their children are not up to the mark. They want property prices to dictate entry. Dr Challoner's admissions is more like the BNP. "You have not lived in this area, even if you move in, we are not going to consider your application in the first round." Bucks National Front attitude. I am glad thisis being challenged with the OSA.

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