Visit by a DfE enforcer - advice wanted

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I am part of a team as a recently appointed governor in a maintained school. We will be visited on Thursday by a DFE enforcer. Any advice on the style of such a visit and how forcibly we are allowed to argue back? Their original justification is that we failed as a failing floor standards school in 2012. We are no longer a failing floor standards school but have a Ofsted inadequate hanging over us and the HMI was not satisfied with our progress

I am personally very resistant to forced academisation - advice please.
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Sun, 09/03/2014 - 12:42

Alan - the Guardian wrote about how schools had successfully fought off enforced academy status.

Watch this video explaining the advice one law firm, an expert in academy conversion, gives to schools faced with academy conversion.

NAHT briefings are available here on the sidebar. It's essential the head contacts his/her union immediately.

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