And the Oscar for the Best Educational Moment of 2013 goes to…

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It’s that time of year again when beautiful young actresses don expensive frocks to sashay up the red carpet illuminated by the light of a thousand flash bulbs. It’s the Oscars!

So, what would win the Oscar for the Best Educational Moment of 2013? The nominations are as follows:

1Michael Gove demonstrates his supernatural powers by visiting phantom schools.
2Henry Stewart’s analysis debunks propaganda about academy performance.
3Musharaf overcomes his stammer on Educating Yorkshire.
4The slightly improved performance of UK 15 year-olds in the PISA tests reported in 2013.
5The Secretary of State shows how much he values surveys done by such intellectual luminaries as UK TV Gold.
6Fascinating Aida sings Ofsted’s praises in “A Teachers’ Lot is not a Happy One”.

This list is not exhaustive – the panel didn’t watch Tough Young Teachers so it’s not been included. But if LSN readers want to join the panel (currently comprising just one panellist) then further nominations or endorsements will be welcome.
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