The Tories betrayal of Sulivan School

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It has been heartening to read lots of the support


I'm posting this here because there have been several previous topics regarding this particular school. I've written a piece for the New Statesman on the subject which I hope you will all read. Best wishes, Andy.

Last week in the Commons, I asked Michael Gove to save Sulivan Primary School in Hammersmith & Fulham from closure. Sulivan is currently rated the 233rd best primary school in the country which comfortably places it in the the top two per cent in England and Wales.

The school holds over 300 pupils, from diverse and different social backgrounds, with over 30 different languages spoken. It is a model of an modern inclusive community primary. Recent accolades include a letter from Education minister David Laws praising the school and Boris Johnson placing the school in his "Gold Club list".

Continues here:
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Wed, 19/02/2014 - 10:10

Thanks very much for posting this piece Andy. I am sure our supporters who are not NS readers will be very pleased to see a local MP taking such a robust stance on behalf of a great local school.
And you right right to point out the (pathetic) way that the Secretary of State resorts to petty personal insults when he is losing the bigger arguments.
Good luck to you and everyone else who is trying to save Sulivan.

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