Call to Suspend the implementation of the 2014 Primary National Curriculum for Mathematics

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In early December I published a report "The Challenges of Implementing the New Primary Curriculum" which we discussed here.

This report raised two major concerns about the 2014 primary curriculum for mathematics.
1. That it demands that 6-year-olds are taught a great deal of abstract mathematics.
2. That this curriculum was not like any other national curriculum, let alone like that of a high achieving nation as has been claimed by way of its rationale.

Following the writing of that report I have corresponded with the key people with responsibility for this curriculum, both of whom have tried to reassure me that it is like the Singapore Curriculum.

This claim is so obviously untrue that I have now written a new report - published today - which analyses it, concludes that this curriculum is not fit for purpose and will seriously damage childrens' learning and calls for its implementation to be suspended at national level.

"Fundamental Problems with the Primary National Curriculum" is available here.
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