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Just for fun - test your knowledge of this year’s educational news. 

1         Name two surveys used by Michael Gove to justify his claim that English teenagers were ignorant of history.

2         Gove visited phantom schools in 2013.  Name non-existent establishments he could have been to (no limit).

3         Whose Christmas greetings are unlikely to include the 16% who lack “raw talent” and “spiritual worth”?

4         Who was accused of “peddling the Education Secretary’s ideological wares as if she was some kind of snake oil saleswoman”?

5         Michael Gove said using these fictional characters in a history revision lesson was “infantilising” history.  Who were they?  Bonus point: what name did shadow education secretary, Tristram Hunt, call Gove after the history story broke?

6         Who did Gove accuse of being a “self-interested” lobby group who spoke “garbage”?

7         Which zombie statistics kept being quoted despite the UK Statistics Watchdog expressing concern about their use?

8         100% of Voluntary Controlled schools opened in 2011 are good.  True or false?  Bonus point: how many VC schools opened in 2011?

9         What job was advertised with minimum qualifications of 4 GCSEs C+ including Maths and English?

10     Which free school was judged to be “dysfunctional”, “in chaos” and close to “collapse”?


1         See here.  Deduct a mark if you named a reliable poll such as YouGov.

2         Any  fictional school including Hogwarts, Mallory Towers, Dotheboys Hall (aka Wackford Squeers’s Academy), Greyfriars, Bash Street School, Salem House, Lowood Institution etc.  Deduct a mark if you named Private Eye’s The New Coalition Academy because Mr Gove is a member of staff there.

3         The Mayor of London.  See here.

4         The Schools Commissioner, Dr Liz Sidwell.  See here.

5         Mr Men.  Bonus point: Mr Sloppy. See here.

6         Careers advisors.  See here.

7         The flawed PISA results for the UK in 2000.  See here.

8         True.  Bonus point: one.  See here.

9         A maths teacher.  See here.

10     Al-Madinah.  See here.

How did you do?

Happy Christmas.


Give yourself 10 extra points if you noticed I should have used the subjunctive in question 4.  It should, of course, have read "...if she were some kind of snake oil saleswoman".


I've just realised the "snake oil saleswoman" sentence was an exact quotation of words spoken by Rosie Cooper MP.  Obviously Ms Cooper is with Fowler : subjunctive use is declining.  But you can still have the 10 extra points if you noticed the error.  And an extra 10 points if you know what the subjunctive is.
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