The Swedes have had it with free schools

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Interesting post here from the Policy Network. Apparently the Swedes are having an ideological re-think due to the  impact of their free schools policy. The original aim of marketising the school system appears to be going horribly wrong. One in five of the Swedish free schools is now run by a private equity company, often with links into the political parties. Some of these parties have gone bust and some free schools apparently turn away children with SEN because they cost too much. There has been grade inflation AND standards are falling. Parents aren't happy. No wonder the coalition doesn't mention Sweden any more.

Do read the article. This is what we have to look forward to here if this government gets re-elected  - and I include the Liberal Democrats here. In spite of their leader Nick Clegg's recent volte face on unqualified teachers, they endorsed every dot and comma of the free schools policy for the first three years of this parliament. Why should we doubt that they would do the same if part of a future coalition?
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