Private Eye queries conflict of interest in Ofsted inspections: “answer came there none”

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“More questions for Ofsted over the use of additional inspectors who have conflicts of interest with the schools they inspect.”

Private Eye, No 1352, 1-14 November 2013

The Eye reported how “sharp-eyed parents” noticed the team that inspected Wanstead High School included Moazam Parvez, a head of a neighbouring school. Ofsted judged the school as “requires improvement” – a drop from a previous judgement of “good”.

Ofsted also judged the London Nautical School as “requires improvement”. The Eye found the  inspection team included Sir Daniel Moynihan, CEO of the Harris Federation academy chain which sponsors academies in London and has taken over a number of "failing" schools including Downhills.

In 2011, the Eye had received assurance from Ofsted that if any inspectors were “involved in an organisation in competition with the school under inspection” then Ofsted would regard it as “a conflict of interest to be avoided”.

The Eye asked Ofsted whether the inclusion of Parvez and Moynihan in inspection teams was a breach of that protocol. Ofsted promised an explanation but “answer came there none”.

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