Local Schools Network: October Stats & Favourite Articles

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This month Guido Fawkes published the stats for visits to his web site and called on others to do the same. Here are those for Local Schools Network.

LSN Visits: October 2013


LSN Visits: Since Launch


Top 5 Articles, October 2013

And here are our most-read articles this month

1: DfE confirms Gove visited schools that don’t exist

2: Gove does the impossible he appears to have visited schools that don’t exist

3: Closure of Derby free school raises more questions

4: Confessions of an unqualified teacher

5: England’s young adults trail world in literacy and maths

Top 5 Articles from before October

And, from those written previously,  the ones still popular in October:

1: Goves Advisers (Dominic Cummings)


2: Even wishy washy teachers like me are backing the strike on 17th October

3: Making expected progress a deeply flawed measure

4: The data on level 5 conversion to GCSE grades

5: Why 3 levels of progress is a very silly measure
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