Education Select Committee investigates Academy and Free School Programme

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by Sarah
The Education Select Committee has called for evidence in an investigation into aspects of the Academy and Free Schools policy.

In particular they are looking for:

1  The effectiveness of academisation in narrowing the gap for disadvantaged children, and what further steps should be taken within the academies system to bring about a transformational impact on student outcomes;

2  The process for approving, compelling and establishing academies and free schools, including working with sponsors;

3  The role of the Secretary of State in intervening in and supporting failing academies, and how this role will work as the programme expands;

4  The functions and responsibilities in relation to academies and free schools of local authorities and other organisations operating between the Secretary of State and individual schools; what these functions and responsibilities should be; and what gaps there are in support for schools at this level;

5  What role academy chains play or should play in the new school landscape; how accountable they are; and what issues they raise with regard to governance arrangements;

6  The appropriateness of academy status for primary schools and what special factors apply; and what evidence there is that academy status can bring value for money either for individual primary schools or for the system as a whole;

7  What alternatives to sponsored academy status should be offered to failing primary schools.

I think it would be great if Henry or Janet were to contribute towards this investigation given the amount of work that both have done on the subject.
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