Proposed free school at centre of consultation to close a successful community primary school now refers to a second consultation for a temporary site but no futher details made available...why the secrecy?

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The plot thickens with the proposed Fulham Boys' School who now state that they are "looking forward hopefully to the opening" in September 2014.  As per previous posts, this proposed secondary free school has been lined up to benefit from the closure of a Sulivan Primary, a thriving, successful community school, as part of a 'consultation' by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham which closed on 8th October.

Representatives from the founding group have been visiting local primary schools and had indicated that they would announce the location of the temporary site at their open evening - on the 8th October.  However, no such announcement was forthcoming - instead, a post on their website referring to a second consultation for the temporary site.

FBS have so far failed to answer my question on their facebook page so perhaps bringing the issue to a wider audience will elicit a response.  Parents now have under two weeks to submit their preferences and, not only are FBS expecting parents to apply without confirmation of the permanent site, they are also unable to talk about where the school will be based temporarily. Given that there is to be a consultation on this, is it fair to presume that the temporary site is already in use?  Again, FBS have not responded to this query. Current occupants of sites in leafy areas of Fulham must be feeling pretty nervous at this news, given that Hammersmith and Fulham Council seem to be pulling out all the stops to get this free school off the ground.  Indeed, the leader of the council appears in the FBS promotional video - I wonder if this level of endorsement is available for community schools as well?

I continue to await a response from FBS and an update regarding the consultation for the temporary site - maybe LSN members might know how to find out more?
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