School run by 'visionary superhead' is investigated for mark fixing

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The Observer of 15 September carried this story.

" A school whose "superhead" was described by the education secretary, Michael Gove, as a visionary is under investigation after allegations that reports of pupils' performance were falsified. Insiders claim that teachers' assessments of work by more than 200 students were changed before being handed over to the body that awards qualifications. Marks were boosted to make the performance of the pupils – and the school – look better, they say."

"The EdExcel investigation follows a separate Ofsted inspection of Ravens Wood in June. Ofsted normally publishes its reports within 15 days of an inspection, but says that "where a school has been judged 'inadequate', the report is usually published within 28 working days". The timetable is extended only in "exceptional circumstances". It is now more than two months since the June inspection took place."

This echoes the concerns posted (here)

and the Guardian article by Fiona Millar (here)

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