How can we improve our web site?

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It is three years since the Local Schools Network website launched. On the first day, 14th September 2010, it attracted just 25 visitors. Since then our stats have increased a bit:

Pageviews: 1,346,785
Unique visitors: 347,148
Visits each month: 25,000 - 30,000

Posts: 1,278
Comments: 21,255
Registered LSN supporters: 5,346

We are meeting next week to discuss how we can enhance the site, by at least re-designing the home page. This may involve, for instance, reducing the space for the little-used Celebration and Campaign sections and giving more prominence to the posts that are the heart of the site.

So we'd love your feedback on what you like about the site, and what changes or improvements or new features you'd like to see. Either post your comments below or email us direct on

Looking forward to the next three years.....
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