Even wishy-washy teachers like me are backing the strike on 17th October

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We had a meeting today about the strike on 17th October taken in the South by the NUT and NASUWT unions. I've never been a great fan of strikes but I think even wishy washy teachers like me are behind this one. I've yet to find a teacher who has anything positive to say about Michael Gove. He seems hell-bent on attacking the "foot soldiers" of the profession -- the ordinary classroom teachers -- while enabling the "fat cats" who run the academy and free school chains to grab the cash. Let's look at what he's done:

He's reduced the wages of the ordinary teacher in real terms;

He's increased teacher contributions towards pensions and reduced pension pay-outs;

He's increased our working hours by instituting constant and negative changes to the curriculum and exams;

He's aiming to take away our holidays and increase our working hours;

He's lessened the status of the profession by allowing untrained teachers to teach in academies and free schools;

He's poured billions into his pet, useless project of free schools and yet done nothing about the dilapidated buildings of many schools;

He's constantly denigrated the maintained sector, the unions, and the profession as a whole;

He's done nothing to deal to with the rising rolls in certain areas in the country;

And he doesn't listen, refusing to talk to the union or anyone dares voice an opinion other than his. The man's been totally destructive towards the teaching profession. Now is time for action! Time to protest about the unfairness of his policies. I'm backing this strike!
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