DDA issues and academies/forced closures

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by Lilly
I'm writing about the Sulivan Primary school situation in Hammersmith and Fulham. If you aren't aware, Sulivan Primary is a good with outstanding features primary which serves a diverse community and which is in high demand. LBHF is consulting on the closure of Sulivan (they call it an 'amalgamation') and sending all pupils to a nearby school called New Kings - so they can give the property to Fulham Boys School, a C of E secondary free school.

Amongst the myriad other issues, one I'm wondering about is disability issues. There are children with significant disabilities at Sulivan which are not amenable to moving from a single-level school to an old victorian three storey building. What laws regulate this kind of situation, as I thought that old buildings were exempt from needing to install lifts etc? And if there is 'new work' done to make a building fit, does that mean they have to follow new rules and can't just abide by old exemptions (doubtless easier).

And does this issue change when moving from LA to Academy? New Kings is planning to convert immediately after the Closure of Sulivan and move of all the pupils.

Thank you.
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