How to teach maths. Let's criticise what an educationalist says.

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Under this government educationalists have been so actively derided and proactively side-lined attacked and discredited that they've effectively had no voice.

So it's been impossible for ordinary people to actually hear them or understand what they think or do.

One such educationalist has produced a freeshare course on how to teach maths which is currently available here until 28th September.

It takes participants on a whistlestop tour of current research in maths education and gives some really good advice regarding how to apply the findings of that research.

It involved 8 lessons which take about 90 mins each to complete and it comes highly recommended by me! No course this short can cover everything of course.

I thought that rather than just attacking educationalists for being educationalists it might be rather nice if some of the contributors to this group actually criticised the content of what one says and does! And I thought other contributors to the group would just love the course.
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