Academy teachers claim pressure to inflate grades

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This is the claim in a Guardian article of 12 August.

The article states the following.

"A significant number of teachers at academy schools have contacted a confidential helpline to claim they are being pressured to artificially inflate pupils' grades by the school authorities, Britain's biggest whistleblowing charity has claimed.

Public Concern at Work (PCW) has seen an 80% increase in the number of complaints from the education sector over the last 12 months, boosted by a noticeable increase in calls from teachers at academy schools.

Many say they have been asked to ensure that marks for coursework and internally assessed exams remain high, even if the marks are not deserved.

Charity managers believe they are being contacted by academy teachers because of the removal of oversight by local authorities."

This is yet another example of how high stakes competition creates perverse incentives. Academy Executive Principals suffer further pressures from the reflection of their own PRP based expectations combined with those of their Academy Chain bosses and The Secretary of State. Stir in the lack of regulation that flows from Academies' independent status and you have all the ingredients for the outcome reported by PCW.
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