Hammersmith and Fulham - proposal to close Primary and open free school on the site

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by Lilly
Hi. I just found a fascinating 'consultation' online regarding the amalgamation of two primary schools in Fulham - with the additional benefit of being able to give Fulham Boys School (free school) a home in the 'disused' site.

Here is the document:

The local 'schools of choice' programme has been used to bully schools who were not at the top of the pecking order - for whatever valid or 'old perceptions' reasons. Now it seems that it means 'if we do what we want, we might be able to create a more attractive option' and make a school a school of choice.

Sullivan buildings being 'at end of useful life' is a silly argument - many school buildings are suffering but not getting support (thanks to certain initiatives....) so to me this is not a great argument.

What is interesting is the school that has applied for academy status is the one who gets to keep their site, run by them - and the one who didn't choose that route is being closed and the site being handed over to Fulham Boys School.

The consultation document says it is wanting people's views but I think the agenda is pretty clear. Hammersmith and Fulham is naturally going to close whichever school it can't get rid of to a private owner (helping financially but also being 'a boasting' for 'Cameron's favourite council'). And the fact that this only helps the Fulham Boys Free School get a location (long having approval, but no spot) is only icing on the cake.

Feeling cynical today.
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