Confusion over the draft national curriculum

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Recently, I was in a group which included governors,heads and teachers, most with many years experience. We were discussing the proposed national curriculum changes for September 2014 and everyone was totally confused about what stage the whole process had reached. Later, I looked at The DfE website and was amazed that there is no reference to the new curriculum on the front page - indeed the only mention of the N.C appears simply under 'popular searches' .

It then took me ages to get find the revised draft programmes of study. The closing date for the consultation on the latest version appears to be August 8th!

Meanwhile we get announcements completely out of the blue, like the one today from Clegg and Laws that all eleven year olds in the country are going to be placed in a rank order. Good luck to the one whose placed 637047th out of 637047.

(That's a joke, by the way before, Tarquin Von Hohenzollern or whatever name this week's Conservative Central Office inspired troll is masquerading under, laboriously explains that it won't work like that).

I'm torn between finding the whole thing hilariously funny and sheer despair at the utter stupidity of it all.
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