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The Socialist Education Association has produced this very interesting analysis of education issues under Gove. Not available online but recommended reading in printed form. Details on how to order, and how to get a free copy, below:

The Gove Revolution Scrutinised   

The reality behind the rhetoric - essays on the current crisis

After three  years  of Michael Gove as Secretary of State, English schools are being changed perhaps beyond recall. The claims by Gove's supporters that this is a revolution are justified. No aspect of English education is without constant and unargued change. There is no debate, and no attempt at consensus.

Gove apparatchiks drive through changes with media support and political backing across the political spectrum. Critics like the 100 professors who pro- tested the National Curriculum changes in March are abused as “The Blob” of marxists practising subversion. But  behind the rhetoric of improvement and  essential change – in an approved direction – what is the reality?

This new collection of essays produced by the SEA probe some of the key issues facing English schools, to contribute to the developing debate on Gove.

GRETA AKPENYE argues it is time to defend the Comprehensive ideal against sustained attack:-
TIM BRIGHOUSE questions why government is inducing a crisis in teacher  training and undermining the need for qualified teachers
GEOFF WHITTY  traces the crisis in teacher training back to the dogmas of the hard right of the Thatcher era
MICHAEL BASSEY probes the “reality gap” between the alleged successes of Academy Schools and the disturbing lack of evidence for claims     DAVID PAVETT considers why the lessons from Finland are regularly hailed by English politicians, who then ignore them
RICHARD HATCHER examines the drive to create  system run for Profit and  looks at some of the players now allowed in by Gove 

Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass, argues that “there is a coalition born of the 1980s and today it is represented by Michael Gove, Andrew Adonis and David Laws”. This is true. But it is not set in stone and the behaviour of Gove underlines fundamental contradictions. These essays examine some of the immediate issues posed by the course Gove has set. ON SALE NOW For a free copy email us at the address below.

2-5 copies at £1.25, 6 and more £1.00 each, all including post & packing. Send a cheque, with your name, address and email, to the Socialist Educational Association at Viewpoint, PO Box 3599. Stafford ST16 9RD

Or, for a free copy, email 
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