People who are passionate about fast tracking ex-military personnel into teaching.

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Significant elements of Gove's policy have focused on setting up schemes which can fast track ex-military personnel into teaching.

Recently quite a few posters have arrived on this forum to promote the idea that this is an important area of policy for this government to pursue.

The main problem I have with this is that these views don't seem to exist in the real world. As a lecturer/teacher trainer I've worked with a variety of ex-military personnel who have found that the current range of opportunities for teacher training have been entirely appropriate. I know many military and ex-military personnel well and none of them have ever expressed the view that it would be wise for people coming out of the services to move rapidly into teaching without teacher training.

So my question to the new posters is who are you?
I'd be really interested to chat to you on the phone for example to better understand your perspectives and why you are so passionate about these issues.

I am extremely easy to find through my public profiles on linkedin and Facebook or you can contact me through Twitter @cyberrhetoric. All these profiles use the same picture that I use here.

Sometimes real human is needed to overcome the barriers which exist in anonymous discussion forums. Please rest assured that I will protect your identities if you wish to conceal them.
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